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:star: :iconthil-galel: :star:

Locked Part 5: Chapter 1 SRMTHFG
 Locked Secrets
Unlocking Trapped Hearts
Chapter One: Morning Silliness
The night slipped away, slowly releasing its grip on the world and giving way to the day. Most of the simians awoke around their usual time, completely unaffected by the late night. Others took slightly longer to wake up.
Tamashi had all but crashed onto the bed once she got back, and she literally fell asleep before hitting the pillow. Her body automatically curled up, into the position that she always slept in, and her breathing quickly fell into a slow gentle rhythm. So quickly, the soul reaper had vanished.
Kiyowa had ended up alone in the kitchen first thing in the morning. A certain white simian was nowhere to be seen. It looked like she'd have to make breakfast by herself.
She breathed out. This was going to be fun. She wondered about what to make, though her mind wandered on her, back to yesterday, where Otto had been her knight, and she had been his princess. She shook her head. Break
Locked Part 5: Chapter 2Chapter Two: Shattered Dinner
That same evening Celty and Kiyowa retreated into the kitchen, ready to prepare dinner. "So, what should we fix up tonight? I saw that you gathered up a bunch of really good looking fruit." said Celty, taking out a few glasses. "I was thinking of juicing some-" The glass in her hand shattered, shards of glass spraying across the floor. Celty closed her shaking, empty hand. "Oh God...."
"C-Celty, are you a-all right?" Kiyowa asked in concern. Worry had filled her eyes, and she had already knelt down, picking up the biggest shards with her metal hands.
She knelt down, sweeping the shards up with her hands. Her fingers shook too badly to pick up the slick glass. "Yeah, I...I barely squeezed it and...." she trailed off, scooping the glass into her hand.
"Well, a-a-at least n-no one i-is hurt." She was concerned though. How did it break so easily? She gathered up the mess easily, not having to worry about being cut, and quickly disposed of it.
Celty tossed her

Thil-Galel is mainly a writer of fan fiction who sometimes uses traditional art to show her motley cast of fan characters. The main fanfic she's been working on is based on SRMTHFG. Can't say i'm a huge fan of the show like her but she sure knows how to paint a vivid picture (i've even asked her to proofread some of my written works).

Locked Part 5: Chapter 3Chapter Three: Kiyowa’s Realm
While the girls had been busy in the kitchen, the males and Tamashi had gone to the training room. They found the gruesome sight by the werewolf's prone form lying in a pool of his own blood.
Antauri instructed Otto to contact Gibson, while he retrieved Kiyowa's body from the tower. As the black simian deactivated the tower, a loud screech from the filled the air. "Ow!" exclaimed Chiro, covering his ears. "What was that?"
"A high frequency interference." said Otto, "It's jamming the communication lines."
"So," Tamashi said as she looked down at Fang, a little sorry for him. "One of us will have to retrieve Gibson?"
"Correct," said Antauri as the tower fully lowered itself. "Chiro, go get Gibson."
"Aw, why does is always gotta be me?" he complained.
"Because you don't need to see this." he said, falling into his fatherly role instead of being the SIC. "Now, do as I asked. Quickly please." The boy huffed, and ran out of the room.
After giving
Locked Part 5: Chapter 4Chapter Four: The Laws and Boundaries
Kiyowa had dove into her garden, ignoring the startled creatures for the time being. She went into the deepest area, curling up under a bush, her body hiding her well. She closed her eyes, focusing, knowing she was going to pay someone an extra visit today. As she found herself in the spirit realm, she already called out, Kokoro's personality becoming dominant. "Tsubaki!? Where are you!? I swear if you don't get your misty tail over here, I'll kill you a thousand times over." That went against her though, she never wanted to kill anyone, ever, but since spirits can regenerate themselves, she didn't mind doing it to them, and definitely when they annoyed her, which was just about all the time.
She walked, annoyed. She hated being Kokoro. She didn't mind her monkey tail, or the leaf ears, but the bone paw and scruff on her neck could go. "Oh, let's play hide and seek," she muttered. "We all know how much she likes games." She growled, looking around

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BleachedShark's Profile Picture
Katie Donahue (aka "Shark")
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I speak English | Yo hablo un poco español | Я говорю немного по-русски

:bulletgreen: The name's Katie. And Shark. My Russian persona is named Akula Shuvelle (Акула шувел).

:bulletpurple: I'm usually a quiet person until I'm with my peeps. In person, my vocabulary is a bit vulgar but I try to refrain from typing them during a conversation.

:bulletorange: I'm interested in a lot of things. Zombies / The Infected / The Undead, Weapons, History, Science, Art, and Psychology are to name a few.

:bulletred: I'm in the process of developing a story that's about two rival gangs in Russia (well it's more than that). I'm trying to study the habits and nature of different gangs, the different areas of Russia, and the Russian language itself (I need help with the last part). And I'm trying to learn how to draw comic panels. So far things seem to be coming along (slowly yet surely).
My comic is called GRAVEL (ГРАВЕЛ). It may be a while before you see the comic itself but please be patient (to whoever is actually interested)!!

:bulletyellow: If you want to talk to me, leave a comment or send me a note. I'm a bit shy but I try not to be. =)

Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX Traditional artist stamp by WhiteKimahri Stamp - Colored pencil user by griffsnuff Night Person by fear-the-brilliance Late... by prosaix "Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Self-Taught Artist by sequelle Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Zombie Apocalypse - Stamp by little-misanthrope Norse mythology by ArcaneChild Medieval times lover stamp by saigoitj Steampunk Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Hoodie Addict Stamp by Mottenfest I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Disconnected Rage Stamp by Khrinx Look like my OC by evka8D Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 minor characters by DuskChant Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette Svalbard by SirvanaRachana I heart HORROR games by RebiValeska It Feels Good, Doesn't It (remade) by RebiValeska It's More Than Skin Deep (remade) by RebiValeska Love Gasmasks Stamp by junkpile horn love stamp by Delfim colors - stamp by JWiesner Easily Amused stamp by Fairy-Red-Hime Winter Stamp by Werxzy Stay Creative by TheCameraGirl Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp Hard to be clear-Stamp by Dinoclaws I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Heaphones by Lyn-Zo

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